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"Innovators in fuel systems" is more than just a by-line. Quick Fuel Technology, since it's inception in 1998, has grown exponentially in its 11 years of business culminating into the benchmark by which performance carburetors are measured. The growth and success of Quick Fuel Technology is attributed to the strength and determination of its staff. All of the innovations you see on this website are the product of a team that is both experienced and involved in motorsports. We continue to develop new products so that we can stay on the forefront of innovation. Over the years, Quick Fuel Technology has made considerable strides to become a stand-alone carburetor manufacturer. This increase in efficiency and capability has allowed us to continuously upgrade our products while keeping the prices low. In 2005, Quick Fuel Technology introduced its Super Street line of carburetors. This application specific line catered to the enthusiast that wanted the best carburetor for the money while refusing to compromise street manners. Drawing from our race track experience we employed many features that were normally found on much pricier race carburetors, yet ours is generally half the price! In 2009, Quick Fuel Technology launched the QFX-Series. This design incorporates significant race engineered main body upgrades. Each carburetor is individually hand-assembled and engine tested. There simply is not a better carburetor for your money. 2010 is the beginning of a new era for Quick Fuel Technology with the introduction of two new carburetor series - The RaceQ is the ultimate small flange drag race carburetor and packed with features that are sure to take your package to the next level. The Hot Rod series carburetor is our answer to the needs of street machines everywhere - from muscle cars to street rods, the HR Series is the most affordable and tunable carburetor on the market today. Keeping true to our motto, we look to the future and constantly seek the next innovation. With our past experience and race-track development we continue our pursuit of horsepower and efficiency. Looking through this website will give you insight into our company's capabilities. We strive to provide a comprehensive line of carburetors, carburetor accessories, as well as service parts. Should you have a specific application that is not covered on this website, give us a call, we would be glad to talk to you about it. At Quick Fuel Technology, our product innovation is only matched by our customer service. Whether you are looking for a recommendation or in need of technical service, we are simply a phone call away.

Quick Fuel Technology 3-200QFT Carburetor ..

Rebuild Kit NS (4160 V.S.)Fits vacuum secondary carburetors (390-850 CFM). Also, fits Road Demon Jr...


Quick Fuel Technology 3-201QFT Carburetor ..

Rebuild Kit N/S (2300)Fits Model 2300 style 2-BBL. Carburetors (350, 500 CFM).Carburetor Rebuild Kit..


Quick Fuel Technology 3-202QFT Carburetor ..

Rebuild Kit N/S (4150 D.A.)Fits mechanical secondary Carburetors (390-850 CFM). Replaces Barry Grant..


Quick Fuel Technology 3-203QFT Carburetor ..

Rebuild Kit N/S For QFX;4500 ;Fits large flange racing carburetors Such as QFX-Series and Holley(R) ..


Quick Fuel Technology 30-105QFT Electric F..

QFT 105 GPH Elec Pump OnlyDesigned for street/strip applications, the QFT 105 electric fuel pump wil..


Quick Fuel Technology 30-125-1QFT Electric..

QFT 125 GPH Elec Pump Only125 GPH, includes mounting bracket. Supports up to 400 HP engines. Constru..


Quick Fuel Technology 30-125-1RQFT Electri..

QFT 125 GPH Elec Pump with Reg125 GPH, includes mounting bracket. Comes with 30-803 regulator, adj..


Quick Fuel Technology 30-155QFT Electric F..

QFT 155 GPH Elec. Fuel Pump155 GPH, includes mounting bracket. Supports up to 600 HP engines. Constr..


Quick Fuel Technology 30-260QFT Electric F..

QFT 260 Fuel PumpDesigned for drag race applications. Supports up to 1000 HP for engines with rear-m..


Quick Fuel Technology 30-300QFT Electric F..

QFT 300 Fuel PumpDesigned for drag race applications. Supports engines up to 800 HP. 300 GPH flow @ ..


Quick Fuel Technology 30-302QFT Mechanical..

Mechanical Fuel Pump For SBFDesigned for carbureted Ford 289, 302, 351W engines. Flows 110 GPH, all ..


Quick Fuel Technology 30-350QFT Mechanical..

Mechanical Fuel Pump For SBCDesigned for carbureted small block Chevy V8s. Flows 110 GPH, all alumin..


Quick Fuel Technology 30-360QFT Mechanical..

Mechanical Fuel Pump For SBCDesigned for carbureted small block Chrysler V8s. Flows 110 GPH, all alu..


Quick Fuel Technology 30-427QFT Electric F..

QFT 427 Fuel PumpDesigned for drag race applications. Supports engines from 800-2500 HP. 427 GPH flo..


Quick Fuel Technology 30-454QFT Mechanical..

Mechanical Fuel Pump For BBCDesigned for carbureted big block Chevy V8s. Flows 110 GPH, all aluminum..


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